Are You At Risk?

Uterine Cancer

More than 50,000 women are diagnosed each year in the United States with uterine cancer (also known as endometrial cancer). Uterine cancer is rare in women before the age of 45. But it can happen. Fran Drescher was only 42 when she was diagnosed. About 3 out of 4 cases are found in women after they turn 55.

If treated early, uterine cancer is very treatable. The survival rate is 90 to 95 percent if the cancer is diagnosed at its earliest stage. Unfortunately, the symptoms of uterine cancer are often not detected until the disease has advanced. So be sure to see your doctor if you have any vaginal bleeding, spotting or other discharge. Pelvic pain and losing weight without trying to can also be symptoms. 

Source: American Cancer Society, M.D. Anderson