Close, Compassionate Cancer Care

Close, Compassionate Care

Remember The Three C’s When You or a Loved One Needs Cancer Treatment

Being treated for cancer is a stressful situation. The questions and worries are many. Will the treatment work? How painful will it be? What will be the side effects? Will I be able to take care of myself? How will this affect my family?

Fighting the disease places even more stress on the body. Both chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be a long and difficult process. The side effects are often severe and debilitating: nausea, weakness, fatigue, fever, lack of appetite and loss of hair.

So who will you turn to for help? What hospital or facility will you choose for your radiation or chemotherapy treatments? Before you make that important decision, consider the three C’s of cancer care, which you can only find at Main Street Hospital.


Traveling to an out-of-town facility for cancer treatment adds stress to an already stressful situation. And that’s the last thing your body needs at this time. Long-distance cancer treatments are also time-consuming for your family. Travel and lodging can be expensive.

By choosing to have your cancer treatments at our hospital, you avoid the extra burden of traveling to an out-of-town facility. Family and friends are nearby, better able to give you their emotional support. Instead of feeling isolated and alone, you’re surrounded by love and encouragement. If there ever was a time when you needed the support of your loved ones, this is it.


As a community hospital, caring for others is not only our profession, it’s also an expression of the pride we take in our community. When you come here as a cancer patient, you’re not receiving your treatment from an out-of-town stranger but from hometown folks who really are motivated to make a difference. We consider it a privilege to care for our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens and give them personal service that’s attentive, thoughtful and compassionate.


If you think that only a big-city hospital can provide chemo and radiation therapy services, think again. We provide a full range of cancer-fighting services. When it comes to treating cancer, only Main Street Hospital has the technology, the people, and the convenience to deliver close, compassionate care.


Source: American Cancer Society