Test Your Heart IQ

1) Women under 50 are more likely than men of the same age to die of a heart attack.
2) Most heart attacks occur at night.
3) A yearly flu shot may benefit your heart.
4) Living alone has no impact on your heart health.
5) One in three American adults have high blood pressure.

1) True. In fact, a woman under 50 is twice as likely to die of a heart attack compared to a man her same age.
2) False. Most heart attacks occur in the morning, with Monday being the most common day.
3) True. Studies suggest that the flu vaccine lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.
4) False. Being around friends and family is good for your heart.
5) True. 78 million Americans have high blood pressure and 20 percent don’t even know they have it.

Sources: Mayo Clinic, The Heart Center of Northeast Georgia, American Heart Association