Wound Care Services

Do you have a wound that isn’t healing properly?

If you do, you’re not alone. It could be an ulcer on your foot, for example. Or a burn that is still not healing after a month. An estimated 6.5 million Americans suffer from a non-healing wound that is serious enough to require professional treatment. Fortunately, we offer Wound Care Services that provide assessment and treatment as well as follow-up care and home visits. Our program provides a comprehensive range of treatment options, including topical medications, specialized dressings, compression wrapping, patient education and nutritional counseling, which is especially important for diabetics. Advanced cases may require a more aggressive treatment program.

Serious Consequences
If you think a non-healing wound is just a nuisance and nothing else, think again. Wounds that fail to heal are often associated with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, infection and vascular disease. The problem is even more serious for diabetics. Their wounds heal more slowly and can quickly become worse without warning. That’s the reason more than 60 percent of non-traumatic lower limb amputations in the United States are performed on people with diabetes.
So remember: If you have a wound or sore that is not significantly improving, you need to see your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Source: National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse