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April 2015

The Facts of Senior Life from the National Council on Aging

Number of older adults treated every minute for a fall in an emergency room.

Percentage of older Americans affected by diabetes.

Percentage of older adults with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or dementia.

Percentage of women age 60+ who have high blood pressure.

Percentage of older adults with mental health issues who do not receiv…

Older & Wiser

Why Main Street Hospital Is The Smart Choice for Seniors
When it comes to aging, we’re all headed in the same direction.
Growing older is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when many people face new health concerns, from osteoporosis and joint problems to an increased risk for heart disease and cancer. At Main Street Hospital, we provide seniors with the medica…

How to Know When Seniors Need Help

9 Signs It Might Be Time for Assisted Living
For any family it’s a difficult situation. A senior loved one has been doing quite well living alone, either at home or in an independent living facility. But slowly, over time, signs begin to appear that seem to indicate additional assistance is required. There are many factors to consider—physical, emotional and financial—when making this…

Senior Health Checklist

AS WE GROW OLDER, a yearly physical exam becomes more and more important. That’s because seniors generally have more health concerns that may need additional monitoring. The following routine tests are recommended by the American Medical Association as part of your annual physical.

For Men & Women
☐ Blood Pressure: High blood pressure or hypertension is an indicator of heart…

Live It Out

Stay Active to Be Healthy
Can Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia be prevented, delayed or stopped?
THAT QUESTION IS STILL UNANSWERED. Some studies do suggest that physical exercise may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or help delay or slow diseases that cause memory loss and impair mental activity. But nothing has been scientifically proven.
Here’s the good news.

From Our CEO

Here for Our Seniors

AMERICA is getting older. Baby boomers, that generation born between 1946 and 1964, started turning 65 in 2011. And every day, about 8,000 more Americans reach that milestone. The challenges of caring for this growing number of seniors are many. For example, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s is expected to reach 7.1 million by…


Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia cause a slow decline in memory and reasoning skills. If you notice any of these symptoms in a loved one, please see a physician.

The 10 Warning Signs
1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life.
Example: Asking for the same information over and over.

2. Challenges in planning or solving problems.
Example: Trouble keeping track of…

Amy Grant: One Last Lesson (8pg)

Amy Grant: The Heartfelt Story of Her Parents’ Dementia
For Amy Grant and her three sisters, the challenges and struggles that come when a parent suffers from dementia are all too familiar. In 2011 they lost their mother, Grace, who was diagnosed with Lewy Brody, the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s. Today their father, Burton, suffers from an even mor…

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